Are teens the “Ultimate marriage wreckers”?!

As I sat at the orthodontist waiting for my teen to have his braces adjusted for the upteenth time, I came across this article in the Daily Mail (because let’s be honest we all read it!) and wow!- didn’t it make sense. 


As a family lawyer it has always interested me as to why so many of our clients separate while their children are at high school. Rationally wouldn’t the high-risk break up times be when the kids are babies, or after they have finished school and left home? Also, as a wife and mother of two teens, I understand the complexities that parenting teenagers in today’s world and the ‘parenting debates’ this can cause. 


The truth may be that we spend time ‘baby proofing’ our marriages; arrange date nights while the grandparents babysit, and have sensible discussions about whether the cost of private school is worth it.  However, when the baby becomes an abrasive, independent, opinionated and manipulative mini-adult, conveniently at around the same time as menopause hits, can your relationship survive?! Make sure you check out the helpful ‘survival guide’ at the end of the article!

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