An approach based on collaboration, not conflict

Separation and divorce are never easy, but they don’t have to end with bitterness, disrespect and a huge legal bill. The Separation Planner is a unique online service, specially designed to provide you with the steps, services and resources to help you navigate your way amicably, with as little heartbreak as possible, through what is a difficult and emotional life-changing event.

The Separation Planner also understands that during this difficult time, you may also need additional support services. We also offer unique access to compassionate people who can provide expert advice, such as financial planners, counsellors, mediators, real-estate experts and life coaches.

Our services are designed to offer the ideal balance of control and advice relative to your individual needs. The DIY offering provides everything you need to quickly, easily and cost-effectively manage your own affairs. The Assisted services options gives you access to legal advice across any topic you might need help or guidance with. There are further optional services that you can avail of if you are in need of a more hands-on level of legal guidance.