Find the solution that's right for you
and your circumstances

With Personal Pathway, you don’t have to book an appointment to spend time with an expensive lawyer who tells you what’s best for you. Personal Pathway enables you to take the first steps on your own personal journey and helps us to learn about your individual situation. Simply answer a short questionnaire and you’ll get an accurate indication as to whether a DIY solution is best for you or whether you’re better off with our assisted services to guide you through the specific process you require given your individual circumstances.

Plus, if you like, you can have a Separation Planner professional family lawyer help you complete your divorce, property settlement or parenting agreement. Whatever your choice, you’ll find the process an easier, more cost-effective, positive and empowering experience compared to the traditional, pay by the hour, lawyer engagement process.

DIY Services

Easiest and the most cost effective. 100% Online, no lawyer required. 

Assisted Services

You fill out some of the paperwork and a Lawyer will manage the rest.

Planning Resources

We point you to the right resources & information to help your planning.

3 – 5 minute

No upfront cost

& secure